Emotional Health Toolkit

Our Clinical Director, Dr Kathryn Newns has been undertaking voluntary work during the COVID19 pandemic, helping to set up and run a Facebook Group offering Psychological resources for the community.

Here she posts about the work that the group have been doing.

Since the lockdown began in March, I have worked alongside some amazing Registered Psychologists to bring psychological tools and strategies to the public.

The Emotional Health Toolkit Facebook group has had some fantastic content from some talented Psychologists.

Posts are wide ranging, including issues around:
Parenting and supporting children
Supporting people with Autism Spectrum Conditions
Helping front line workers
Creativity, mindfulness, and other strategies
And (one of my favourites): “Tips and Tools for Riding the Cornacoaster”.

With the cases rising and people limited in who they can socialise with it from today, there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen next. It is very normal to feel anxious.

In July Kat Gardner posted a brilliant booklet about how to manage difficult thoughts and feelings, based on the “Locus of control”. We can vary how much we believe events just “happen to us” (external locus of control) compared to believing that we have an active role to play what happens (internal locus of control). The aim is to “control the controllables”. Below is one of the images.

Have a look & see what you think: https://lnkd.in/eDQ_M2X

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